Co-authored by Thiora Meegammana and Zoe Shing

Trick or Treat?

It’s that time of year again, and we think it’s time for you to treat yourself. Get ready to get real creative for hot girl Halloween! We know why you’re here, and we’ve got you. You’ve been invited to a Halloween party…or maybe you’re crashing one. Regardless, you’re scouring the internet for something sexy to wear in the hopes of impressing your crush. You know this is late, but then again, diamonds are made under pressure. You want to look hot, but you’re also not like the other girls. You’re different. You’re original. And you don’t want to look like a walking Shein advert. To prove yourself, you want something nobody else will be wearing. Are you ready to go green this spooky season?


Did that scare you? If that didn’t, this might. Halloween is one of the most wasteful, consumption-based holidays celebrated worldwide. In the US, over 5.4 million kilograms of textile waste is produced each year just from Halloween costumes being thrown out. Said costumes are typically flimsy, single-use, and synthetically made. Think of all the plastic waste this creates! 

Just when you thought that was a horror story, it gets spookier yet. Most of the companies from which we buy these costumes severely underpay their workers, with some factories paying individuals a mere 5 cents in Canadian dollars per garment. 

Indeed, Halloween comes second to Christmas when it comes to waste and its detrimental impact on our people and our planet.

So is it all doom and gloom for us? Fear not! You can still have guilt-free fun by making a few eco-friendly adjustments. Shop sustainably for your costume by purchasing staple pre-owned pieces from Zoehify Vintage, and styling them with things you already have in your own closet. Invest in basic, versatile items like our denim vest top to pull off an iconic character such as Maddy Perez from Euphoria, or take that same denim top to dress up as a sexy all-denim cowgirl! We know you must have those It Girl cowboy boots hiding somewhere in your arsenal. Check out our fashion guide for some last minute sexy and sustainable costume ideas!

Halloween Costume Ideas For (Not Just) Women

1. Howdy, cowgirl!

Pair this Guess sleeveless denim romper with cowboy boots and a hat, and you’re all set to go! 

Alternatively, dress up your boots and hat with this spooky spider embroidered denim shirt with a mini denim skirt for a more interesting look.


Embroidered Denim Short Sleeved Shirt

Style it with: Lace Trim Mini Stone Wash Denim Skirt

2. Maddy Perez From Euphoria

Get your hands on this stunning denim vest top to look just like Maddy from Euphoria! Pair it with a simple silver cross necklace, and you’re good to go. 

Denim Vest Top

3. Stacey’s mum

Maybe she’s picking up her kids from football in a Range Rover. Or maybe she’s one of the ladies who lunch. We think she might pair this red polo shirt with a white tennis skirt to the country club. Oh, and to complete the fit, snag this fiery red bag to go along with it! 

Red polo shirt 

Style it with: White tennis skirt

And don't forget to: Get that bag!

4. 1920s Flapper

Get your 1920s fringed flapper dress here!

5. Pirate

Land ahoy! Bell sleeves make for a naughty and nautical pirate look. Snag this amazing corset inspired top and pair it with a brown suede vest, and long skirt to complete your fit!

Cream corset bell sleeved top

6. Witch

Purchase this witchy indigo blue tunic here.

7. Princess

Finally, some inspo from our customers! If you haven't been getting princess treatment yet, maybe it's time to dress the part. One of lovely customers bought this yellow dress as her costume for Belle from Beauty and the Beast! 

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